Specialised Services

Gas Coolers

Burner Openings

Openings built to suit any type of boiler.

Upper Hoods

The purpose of the Upper Hood cooler is to cool down off gas emission created by the Basic Oxygen Furnace.


Through our extensive tube stock holding and pipe bending services, we are able to provide a “turnkey” fabrication service to the boiler industry within record delivery time.

Pipe Bending and Manipulation

Eriger’s extensive range of CNC pipe bending machines enable us to provide highly specialised pipe bending services to the global boiler market.

Specialised Products

Should your required stock not be available from our in-house inventory, we are able to source and supply product according to your needs via our extensive global network of partners in the industry.

Boiler Tubing

A reliable / dependable source of seamless alloy steel tubing is a vital factor in the pressure part industry.

Economiser Tubes

Since the introduction of Steel “H-Finned” tubes in the 1950’s, this product has been widely adopted throughout the industry.

Erosion Shields

To reduce excess wear of boiler tubes within the extreme conditions prevalent inside a fossil fuel fired boiler.

Membrane and Waterwall Tube Panels

Eriger is one of a very exclusive and limited group of manufacturers who have the unique ability to manufacture membrane / waterwall tube panels.