Through our extensive tube stock holding and pipe bending services, we are able to provide a “turnkey” fabrication service to the boiler industry within record delivery time.

Our Quality Assurance Team have 30 years of experience in providing superior fabricated boiler products in the boiler fabrication industry.

We specialise in the fabrication of:

• Complete economiser bans (Finned and plain)
• Super-heater elements
• Primary and secondary Air-Heaters
• Heat-exchangers
• Hp and LP heaters
• Convection and evaporator tube banks
• Bifurcation pieces (Drop Forged and Fabricated)

To further complement our fabrication services we offer a wide range of CNC machining services. Our machined products include:

• Custom fabricated T-pieces
• Custom machined reducers
• Thermo-couple housings
• Various Bushed and sleeves
• Weld-o-lets
• Inlet spray nozzles