Membrane and Waterwall Tube Panels

Eriger is one of a very exclusive and limited group of manufacturers who have the unique ability to manufacture membrane / waterwall tube panels.

Using our custom designed submerged arc CNC welding machines Eriger is able to produce multitube (2 – 30 tube) waterwall membrane tube panels in lengths of up to 12 meters. The multitube panels can be manufactured from tubes of 21.3mm O/D to 76.2mm O/D.

The panels are joined in two ways:

  1. By means of welding 4mm – 8mm thick flat bar to the the tube surfaces;
  2. Welding Extruded longitudinally finned tubes.

All welds are, as a minimum, 10% X-ray and Dye pen tested to ensure weld integrity. As an added service Eriger is able to ‘gang bend’ panels of up to 6 tubes to customer requirements.